A man with a terrible secret finds a grotesque creature in the Atlantic ocean, a being with the ability to read the thoughts of anyone who comes into contact with it. Set in deepest, darkest Wales, The Watchful Sea is a ghoulish tale of terror and obsession.

"The Watchful Sea succeeds in being a well-crafted, warm tale that harks back to a golden age of horror." 
- Starburst Magazine

"Just as much of an ode to old horror as it is a new addition to the tome of the bizarre... A beautiful throwback." 
- Brutal As Hell

"Drawn and written with a masterful understanding of the visual vocabulary of what a horror comic should communicate... Beautiful work by Giacondino." 
- Down The Tubes

One-shot/24 pages
Martin Smith and
Nicolás Giacondino.


In Devil Executioner, a foul-mouthed, gun-toting exorcist named Father John Torrento contends with an official Vatican investigation while attempting to free a young Italian girl from a vicious, perverted demon. The story is based on accounts of actual exorcisms.

"Probably one of the best indie comics I’ve read… A ton of creepy fun." - Graphicpolicy.com

"Wonderfully researched… The Exorcist with shotguns!” 

One-shot/32 pages
Martin Smith and Nicolás Giacondino.


A Rope Around Your Broken Neck is a story of torture and insanity in The Tower of London. It takes place during one of the darkest moments in British history, The Great Plague of 1665.

"A thematically mature book that could only have come from the Indie comic book scene." - shelfabuse.com

"Not for the faint of heart. Like much of human history, it’s complicated, dark, and violent.” -smallpressreviews.wordpress.com

"True Indie… Give this hidden gem a looksee." - The Blog Monster

One-shot. 32 pages.
Martin Smith, R. Ricardo, Nicolas Brondo.


White Hell is a survival tale set in the Arctic about a Victorian explorer and
his two sled dogs.

One-shot.12 pages. 
Story and art by Martin Smith.


Revolutionary Suicide is a free, 8-page comic about
the Jonestown Massacre. You can read it in your browser
or download and print the PDF. It’s designed to look like
an FBI case file, so it’s A4 and easily printable.

Download/read the comic!

One-shot. 8 pages.
Story and art by Martin Smith.